Dear Monster That Is Strangling My Tonsils, UNCLE.

So, I’ve been sick. With this odd yearly throat yuck that hurts like everything. Which is one thing. Worst thing is sitting still, trying to, and having to sit still. I can’t get sick. I have clients. Children. 

K got the same thing. K, being smarter than myself this time, went to urgent care. Doctor diagnosed his as thoat infection (he couldn’t really tell me-because he can barely talk) *he* has penicillin and serious-sounding mouth wash. He wants me to take some for relief and to help me finally get better. I refuse. Penicillin=weakness. hahaha. Actually, I’m feeling better (read slightly better than mother of gawwwwddd awful) and figure my immune system has gotten me this far. 

Luckily, girls remain unscathed. 



  1. Glad I found you again!

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